3 Proper Summer Tree Care Tips From an Affordable Tree Service Provider

Taking Proper Care of Your Trees This Summertime

Each season brings with it a unique set of problems for tree care. The high temperatures of summer can affect trees much like they can affect humans. Too much heat can make them sick and put them in danger. When combined with limited water, the problems can only grow. So it’s so important to practice proper tree care in the hot summer months! Here are 3 proper summer tree care tips from an affordable tree service provider.

The Magic of Mulch

Strategic mulching does a lot for a tree’s health and it’s an essential part of summer tree care. But there are certain places where mulch should not be placed, like directly around the base of the tree. Instead, the ring of organic mulch around a tree should start a couple of inches from the trunk and extend out a bit from the tree. Usually, a couple of feet is ideal. This creates a nice donut of mulch around the tree that helps to protect the roots and provides key nutrients for soil maintenance.

Watering and Irrigation are Key

Trees can pull a lot of water from the soil in the summer. The hotter it gets, the more water trees need. This proper watering is so important for summer tree care. Many people water trees with a simple garden hose set to dribble for a couple of hours. Others have irrigation systems set up that water trees automatically on a timer. Either way is fine, but those with irrigation systems should make sure to check them for leaks, clogs, and other issues that could affect proper watering. Those who use hoses should set a time so they don’t overwater the trees.

Inspecting Trees for Pests

One vital aspect of tree health care is pest inspection. Early summer is a great time for pest inspections performed by an arborist. Of course, it’s possible for homeowners to do some research and inspect their trees themselves, but a professional tree service company will often catch things that homeowners won’t. These inspections can keep trees happy and healthy for many seasons to come.

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