Below Are the Responses to the Most Common Queries We Receive

You can depend on Tony's Tree Service 4 LLC to keep your trees in peak condition at all times. You may simply take advantage of our top-notch tree services n the Burgaw, NC region. Call us if you have any questions. This post also includes responses to some commonly asked queries from our clients. View our list of frequently asked questions below.

Are estimates subject to a fee?

No. You won’t be charged anything for our cost-free pricing quote. It is entirely without cost. Additionally, there won’t be any unexpected fees or other hidden costs. We also have the finest prices in the neighborhood. The greatest thing you can do at this time is to contact us for our tree removal services.

How can I tell whether my trees need to be trimmed?

At least once every five years, mature trees should be pruned. A professional tree trimming service should be hired every three years since younger trees require more trimming. The majority of landowners, however, are so preoccupied with other matters that they neglect to remember to monitor their tree trimming schedules. If you fall into this category, you should be aware that you’ll ultimately need to hire a professional to trim your trees after you see deep cracks, broken branches, tree cankers, and uncontrolled growth. If you trust us with the project, we’ll see to it that it is completed correctly, safely, and effectively.

How will you guarantee client safety while rendering your services?

For tree stump removal and trimming projects, we employ high-quality equipment. To safeguard us from head to toe, we are also outfitted with the appropriate safety equipment. Due to our thorough training, we can guarantee that all of our customers will receive treatments that are both safe and effective. Nevertheless, we also recognize that despite everything, accidents might still happen. For the protection of both our clients and employees, if accidents do happen, we get surety bonds and insurance coverage.

How long would grinding the stump take?

The size of the tree will determine this. Typically, it takes anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours. But you shouldn’t worry about that because we have a good reputation for producing things quickly. All of this is possible because of the robust equipment we employ.

Which areas do you cater to?

We provide services not just to the neighborhood but also to the local community. Below is a list of the regions we service.

  • Watha Town NC
  • Holly Ridge Town NC
  • Topsail Township NC
  • Skippers Corner NC
  • Wallace Town NC

Are there any discounts that you offer?

If you are a senior citizen, we can give you a 10% discount on any of our services.

Can a new tree be positioned where the previous one was?

Yes. Typically, nothing will be left after we grind the stump away. Later, a new facility will be able to be built there.

If you require affordable tree service, keep in mind that Tony's Tree Service 4 LLC is only a phone call away. Give us a call at (910) 212-9231 right away to reserve one of our top-notch deals in Burgaw, NC.